That’s What She Said

Looks like Heather beat me to the punch, posting the first blog entry on our new site!

First, let me say, I’m so happy to have a blogging partner. Not only is Heather a great writer, she’s also a great friend.

Second, the beauty of the Dirty Laundry Girls concept is that we can air our own dirty laundry – whether we agree with each other or not.

That’s how we learn. And grow.

Growing in tolerance. That’s a much needed one for the healing of humanity.

Which brings me to a good point. When is being tolerant being a doormat? When is it time to stand up and fight and when is the time to step back and practice acceptance?

Heather brings up a fantastic point in her first post, being tolerant of disrespect or perceived disrespect. Not only from the others we interact with on a daily basis, but from our leadership.

More on that, later.

What say you? Comment here or on Heather’s post. Weigh in, and let us know.